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If you’re looking to purchase quality cleaning products for your industrial cleaning company or personal pressure washer, look no further than Hood Sales & Service, LLC. We’re the chemical suppliers with lots of cleaning products and even more satisfied clients. Call us today at (205) 300-6705.

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Every Pressure Washing Company Needs Affordable Industrial Cleaning Chemicals

Industrial-strength cleaners are the fuel of the cleaning industry. Without them, you’d just be splashing around hot water and wondering why nothing’s as clean or sanitary as it should be. With these degreasers, disinfectants, and diluted products being so necessary, a lot of companies put high prices on their inventory. They know that you’ll buy them because you need them. But that’s not how we do business.

We haven’t thrived for over 40 years by making our clients pay more than they can afford for the bare necessities. We have thrived by pricing our products fairly and always providing excellent customer service. Here at Hood Sales & Service, LLC we see our clients as more than customers. We see them as our fellow community members.

With us, you can always expect:

  • • Free Written Estimates on Repairs
  • • No-Obligation Consultations and Brief Cleaning Tutorials
  • • Extended Warranties on All Services
  • • Fast Deliveries

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Industrial Cleaning Products for Every Kind of Project

Over the decades we’ve learned a thing or two that some of our more inexperienced competitors have yet to figure out. One thing is: Don’t make assumptions about your clients.

Sure, a lot of our clients might be looking for concrete cleaners, but does that mean we should only stock one type of product? Definitely not! There is always a chance you might need a specialized de-scaler to combat corrosion. That’s why our shelves are filled with an endless array of options!

The Best Chemical Manufacturer: Our Cleaning Chemicals Are Made On-Location!

If you’re looking for a customized cleaner for your highly specific project, just ask us. One of our two locations is devoted entirely to creating the many cleaners you see on our shelves!

We Deliver Cleaning Products to Your Door!

Chances are, you’re probably busy. Even if you’re not the head of a cleaning company, you still have a household to deal with and other responsibilities to tend to. After you’ve already come to our shop once to browse through our products and have requested our detergents, how are you going to find time to come back?

Some companies might shrug and tell you that’s just how business is done. But that’s not how we do things. We go the extra mile for our clients—or however many miles it takes for us to get to your front door.

Within 24-36 hours of your order, you can expect us at your door. That might seem like a grand gesture, but it is just how we do business. We’re grateful for our clients, and this is one of the many ways we show our appreciation.

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